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About Us

School of Public Health




About Us 






School of Public Health was established in 1990 as an unit of Preventive Medicine. It began a M.S. program in 2005.The mission is to educate and disseminate knowledge with the aim of preventing disease and promoting the health of populations in . The undergraduate program in public health at CSMU is divided into two divisions: "Health Management" and "Environmental Health," which is the only undergraduate program in divided students based on the their interest and expertise. Via separated curriculums, the program offer a more academically sound and practical contents in public health to meet the needs of professional practitioners in the field.









The School aims to teach our students how to discover problems of public health in a community and to teach them to know what measures of public health to plan for. To achieve this goal, we train the students to have a wide scope of knowledge and a broad perspective. We want them to “think globally while acting locally,” hope to make such experts as are able to look at public health from both a globalized and localized view.









The School is currently engaged in projects mainly for these purposes: 

«To train our students well so that they may truly provide our community with the needed experts of public health.

«To explore the trends of epidemic diseases and the ways of coping with related problems, in keeping with the plans of the government and utilizing the resources of the Chung-shan University Hospital .

«To investigate and analyze the pollutants in central Taiwan and study how they affect public health, in cooperation with the environmental-protection units and labor units of the government.






Research Focus

Cooperating with the health organizations in central Taiwan and university teaching hospitals, we investigate the causes, trends of diseases, formulating the solutions, and providing suggestions for decision / policy-making.
Analyzing the exposure dose of various pollutants in central Taiwan and their relationship to human health with epidemiological techniques to help governmental agencies to formulate or modify current policy.